People Being Awesome on Holiday

While thrill seekers love to live on the edge, there are some places in the world even the most daring of adventurers might want to avoid. Add bodies of water to the mix, and thinks can get downright deadly. Some of them are temptingly beautiful, yet deceptively dangerous. Others are more obviously not suited to swimming due to heavy pollution or extreme currents. Here are ten of the world’s most hazardous places to take a dip.

1. Victoria Falls, Zambia

The spectacular Victoria Falls of Zambia may draw the intrepid visitor, but swimming in the natural water hole located at the top of the falls is not something for the faint of heart. Lying perilously close to a 100-foot drop, it looks like an infinity pool, yet it is far more dangerous. You might get quite an adrenaline rush bathing right beside the ridge of the waterfall, but you’ll want to take extreme caution doing so. Death’s are rare, but not unheard of. It’s not called the Devil’s Pool for nothing.

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