These 13 Weird Themed Restaurants Will Have You Crying In Fear

If you”re tired of eating at the same restaurants week in and week out, do we have a special treat for you! These 13 restaurants are among the weirdest and creepiest places on Earth. From simulated cannibalism to eating out of toilets, these places are anything but boring.

Do you dare take a taste? Because after checking these out, you”ll be thanking America for giving us something as normal as the Olive Garden.

1. Cannibalistic Sushi Tokyo, Japan

Cannibalistic Sushi  Tokyo, Japan

At the restaurant fit for Hannibal Lecter, an edible body resembling a woman with “skin” dough and “blood” sauce is wheeled into the room on a hospital gurney and placed on a table. The hostess begins the meal by cutting into the body with a scalpel, and then patrons dig in, operating on the body to reveal edible “organs.”

2. Hitler”s Cross Mumbai, India

This restaurant understandably provoked a lot of anger from the community when it debuted in August, 2006. However, after only a few days, the government forced a name change to “The Cross,” and forced the removal of all Hitler and Nazi memorabilia inside.

3. Hospitalis – Riga, Latvia

Hospitalis - Riga, Latvia

In order to dine here, you have to put on a strait jacket while you eat (fed by nurses of course). This traditional Latvian fare is anything but normal.

4. Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas, Nevada

Heart Attack Grill - Las Vegas, Nevada

There”s very little in Las Vegas to consider “normal,” and this restaurant is no different. Larger customers eat free, and those who dont finish their meals get spanked by waitresses dressed as nurses. The only thing you pay with is humiliation.

5. The Magic Restroom Cafe – City of Industry, California

The Magic Restroom Cafe - City of Industry, California

Ever wanted your food served in a toilet, and have it look like it belongs there, too? Here”s your chance at this weird spot.

6. Hobbit House Manila, Phillipines

Hobbit House  Manila, Phillipines

Forget finding Lord of the Rings stuff here. Instead, you”ll find a staff of “the smallest waiters in the world” who are okay with being referred to as hobbits.

7. The Trailer Park Lounge – Manhattan, New York

The Trailer Park Lounge - Manhattan, New York

Get a full on dose of America with this white trash theme in NYC. It comes complete with burgers, margaritas, and other American fare. You”ll be screaming “”Murica” before you know it.

8. Graveyard Restaurant Ahmadabad, India

Graveyard Restaurant  Ahmadabad, India

Though it began as a tea stall outside a Muslim cemetery, The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad, India grew right over the graves to give its patrons a dining experience like no other. One grave is even said to contain a 16th-century Sufi saint.

9. Pitch-Black Restaurant Beijing, China

Pitch-Black Restaurant  Beijing, China

Only the waiters wear night-vision goggles here. You”ll never know exactly what you”re eating…and that”s the point. Because the resulting lack of vision changes how you perceive the taste of the food. It”s an experience like no other.

10.) The Disaster Cafe – Lloret de Mar, Spain

Complete with a simulated earthquake shaking the entire restaurant, this place scares the bejesus out of its customers during every meal.

11.) Buns and Guns – Beirut, Lebanon

This restaurant is decorated with militaristic motifs and plays pre-recorded gun sounds. Because eating while preventing a military attack is the dream, right?

12.) Robot Restaurant – Tokyo, Japan

All you need to know is that there”s a ton of robots and chaos. Enough said.

13.) The Ninja Restaurant – Manhattan, New York

You”re served by a ninja who sometimes jumps out of crevasses and nooks to scare patrons. This sushi restaurant is anything but traditional.

(via Web Urbanist / BuzzFeed)

Who”s ready to make a reservation at one of these fine establishments? You can go ahead without me, though. I think I”ve eaten enough toilet bowl tofu to last a lifetime.

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