This Nutshell Is A Wonderful Invention, Bringing Solitude In A Bustling World

We here at ViralNova love naps. When a new napping technology or accessory comes around, we”re all over it. That”s why The Nutshell is so appealing. Designed by MFA student Eden Lew at the School of Visual Arts in New York, this single-person, pod-like structure that folds over the top half of the body. It creates a cocoon of privacy for napping just about anywhere.

The Nutshell creates private personal space anywhere.

The Nutshell began with inspiration from a lunch wrapper. It was originally conceived as a portable space for someone to eat lunch in called the Lunch Sack. Lew was also inspired by the large number of students and professionals who regularly skipped lunch. Soon, the idea expanded into rest periods in general. By encouraging private but portable spaces for the basic human needs that are so often neglected (eating and sleeping), Lew hopes to promote not only good health, but also good productivity through solitude and rest periods.

The Nutshell collapses and is strapped on the wearer”s back like a backpack. When it comes time for a nap, it”s rolled down over the person”s face and torso, allowing them to take a break from the outside world. In case it”s noisy in the place where you need a nap, the Nutshell has a jack for mobile devices.

The Nutshell is worn like a backpack, then extended down over the face, arms, and torso for private time.

Besides the fact that naps are wonderful, Lew”s project also calls attention to the fact that alone time is good for you. This fact is often forgotten in an increasingly connected world. Some of the benefits, Lew claims, coming from solitude include concentration, creativity, and personal agency. Solitude alone can reduce stress and the feeling of “burning out.”

Solitude and downtime are beneficial to the psyche, as well as to productivity, Lew contends.

Now for the bad news.

The Nutshell is still a prototype, and does not exist for sale (yet). In fact, “” will just lead to a wholesaler of nuts and seeds. We know. We looked. The affiliation with the Container Store was also just for Lew”s project.

If it were more than a prototype, the Nutshell would come in basic off-white as well as an opaque, light-blocking darker gray.

However, the basis for the product is there, so maybe there”s still hope. If it did exist, it would come in two colors, the standard off-white and a darker gray to block light. It would also come in a “Headshell” or headphone helmet that only covers the head. Aside from the physical products, the Nutshell brand would also put out guided meditation workshops and an app devoted to alone time. The latter might seem a bit self-defeating, but considering the amount of people who live plugged in, an app might be just the thing to help them relearn to be alone.

Via Mashable|SVA

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