10 Insider Car Rental Tips for the Best Deals on Wheels

In the United States, our State Department is in the regular habit of dispensing travel warning to Americans seeking to travel abroad. One was issued over health concerns surrounding the Rio Games. Another was issued for the terror attack in Paris prior to the Olympics. Now, though, it seems like other countries have followed suit in advising their citizens to exercise caution when traveling to the States.

While that attitude might shock you — after all, who could possibly think the United States is anything less than perfectly clean and safe? — it’s not entirely surprising. The repeated news stories involving police brutality, mass shootings, instances of discrimination against LGBT and Muslim groups, and the recent highly publicized outbreak of Zika have begun to add up in the eyes of the international community. Heck, as awesome as the United States is, when all our problems are listed right in a row like that, it does make America seem like a lawless wasteland.

According to USA Today, “The United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, France, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Germany are among those urging caution to U.S.-bound travelers.” The potential downturn of U.S.-based travel is a threat to a $218 billion dollar a year industry.

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