18 Things to Love About Central Park

What’s kosher in one culture may be disrespectful in another. It’s all too easy to stick your foot in it (don’t do that in Thailand!) completely unaware that you’re being vulgar or inappropriate. There’s a minefield of unspoken rules, manners, meanings and expectations out there. What’s a cross-cultural traveler to do? Study this list of 15 rude gestures and faux pas from around the world to not piss people off next time you’re abroad.

1. It’s Not OK in Brazil

It’s not okay to give the A-Okay sign in Brazil. The circular fingers that indicate “all is well” to most of the world is the equivalent of flipping the bird there. President Nixon learned that the hard way when he essentially said “screw you” to the Brazilian people during a visit in the 1950s.

This is not okay in Brazil

This is not okay in Brazil

This is not okay in Brazil

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