Adorable Fourth of July Outfits

Adorable Fourth of July Outfits The fourth of July is a couple of weeks away and  we’re plotting our outfits. It’s tricky, though. Do you go head-to-toe Americana, hunt for a pair of American flag shorts, or is it cooler to ignore the “red, white and blue” concept entirely? How do you look festive and summery, but not cliché, not cheesy? What do you wear to a pool party, versus a barbecue, versus an NYC rooftop gathering?


We’ve hopefully answered all of those questions with a handy little outfit inspiration guide.



Adorable Fourth of July Outfits Outfit 1: Casual, Yet Patriotic

This is an example of a cute, laid-back outfit that’s perfect for daytime – it would be perfect for a backyard barbecue with the family. To start, find a striped shirt or an american flag blouse (you can tie it in a knot if it gets hot), and pair it with some jean shorts (patriotic pockets optional). Next, find some canvas sneakers (preferably in red, white, or blue) or sandals and layer on some star bracelets. Or throw on a leather jacket on top and wear combat boots to for an extra badass look. Voila! You are ready to celebrate in style!



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