Adventurous Couple Turned Their Honeymoon Into A 15-Month Trip Around The World

If getting married isn’t a big enough occasion for you, then why not go all out for the honeymoon?

A loved-up coupled from Shanghai in China have had the honeymoon that dreams are made of.

Mark and Camille Villaflor tied the knot back home way back in 2011 for the first time.

But they then, quite unusually, had a second wedding ceremony in 2013 in their native home the Phillippines.

This was so they could have a bigger celebration with family and friends.

Once the two wedding days were done, their thoughts turned to their honeymoon.

Initially looking at a nice week away somewhere sunny, the couple looked for the perfect location.

They then thought, why restrict it to one place?

Mark admitted he had always had the travelling bug and there was so much he wanted to see alongside his wife.

They decided on a 365 day honeymoon round the world adventure!

Which amazingly, turned into a 500 day honeymoon allowing them to see the world together.

They have shared their adventures and memories on their Instagram and blog called ‘365 Travel Dates

How did they afford it?

Well, since their first wedding they saved tonnes of dollars.

Their savings amounted up to $35,000!

Their 15-month whirlwind honeymoon cost them on around $100 a day!

They’ve explored some amazing places as their enviable honeymoon pictures show:

1. Mount Kilimanjaro


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