Earthquakes: 15 Seismically Active Destinations to Watch Out For

Globetrotting TV chef Anthony Bourdain has gained a heck of a reputation thanks to his cast iron stomach. The man who started his career yelling at lesser chefs has, in the years since, gone on to great acclaim as a man who can and will eat anything on the planet. No, he’s not some Jackass-style stunt eater, he’s simply a man who’s curious about the cuisine the world has to offer and likes to challenge cultural assumptions in the process. However, there’s lots to Bourdain you might not know. As he’s traveled the globe, Bourdain has lived a fascinating life, not least of which because of the things he’s put in his belly.

1. Ask Him Anything

Anthony Bourdain isn’t bashful about his love of attention. According to the culinary traveler, there’s no such thing as a question that’s off limits. He says that after years as an anonymous worker behind the counter, he loves to get a little credit for his culinary and entertainment contributions. So, if you ever see him bumming around, feel free to chat him up a bit.

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