Husband Illustrates Just How Much Love He Has For His Wife

An incredibly talented artist from South Korea has spent the last six years conjuring up his feelings for his wife in these amazing illustrative drawings.

Andrew Hou expresses just how much he loves his wife by drawing exactly what he thinks the love between them is.

His amazing collection began when he used to send text messages to his wife that had cute drawings in them as he found this was the best way to tell her how he felt, visually rather than verbally.

He has since named his illustration series ‘HJ-story’ after his wife’s initials!

What started out as a personal blog has now gone public thanks to his friends sharing his work!

The artist’s posts have gained tons of followers and we can see why.

The couple married in 2013 but artist Andrew continues to draw sketches of their everyday married life and they are simply adorable!

Check out the husbands amazing gesture to his wife below…;

1. Love Is Complicated


Andrew acknowledged all the trials and tribulations that come with love through this clever illustration of a maths equation.

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