Newspapers From All Over The World Paid Tribute To Charlie Hebdo

Newspapers from all over the world used their front page to pay tribute to those lost in the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French weekly. Ten journalists and two police officers were killed by gunmen who were looking to punish the paper for their depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.(Muhammad”s image is forbidden to be visually represented in some forms of Islam.

In the wake of the attack, many feared what the impact would be on the free speech so many publications enjoy. On the day after the tragic events, many front pages were filled with great sorrow for the loss of those killed. They offered a message that their freedom of speech will not be tallied among the dead.

Berria – Spain

Berria - Spain

The Independent – U.K.

The Independent - U.K.

Liberation – France

Liberation - France

“We are all Charlie.”

La Tribune – France

La Tribune - France

“They died for it!”

L”Equipe – France

De Morgen – Belgium

De Morgen - Belgium

Marianne – France

Marianne - France

“Continue the fight.”

International New York Times

International New York Times

L”Echo – France

The Times of London – U.K.

The Times of London - U.K.

Normandie – France

Normandie - France

Toronto Sun – Canada

Toronto Sun - Canada

The Guardian – U.K.

The Guardian - U.K.

Daily Record – Scotland

Daily Record - Scotland

Berliner Zeitung – Germany

Berliner Zeitung - Germany

“Long live freedom.”

Le Monde – France

Le Monde - France

“I am Charlie”

Berliner Kurier – Germany

Berliner Kurier - Germany

“You can not murder our freedom.”

Berlingske – Denmark

Berlingske - Denmark

Politiken – Denmark

Politiken - Denmark

(via Mashable)

Such thoughtful responses to such a mindless tragedy. I eagerly await the next issue of Charlie Hebdo in anticipation of their response.

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