Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like A Bouquet Of Doritos Roses

Everyone knows that the true way to a food lovers heart is through their stomach.

So, this Valentine’s Day, the only way to show your partner that you truly love them is by presenting them with a hefty bouquet of mouthwatering Dorito roses.

That’s right, a snack as simple and delicious as Doritos can be simply transformed into a beautiful bunch of edible flowers – what’s not to love.


No watering necessary and you get to eat your masterpiece after you have finished admiring it.

If you agree that nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like a bouquet of Dorito roses then you should take note of the following step-by-step instructions to create your very own tasty treat.

How to make your own Doritos bouquet:

Step one: Get a bag of Doritos (preferably ketchup flavoured) and twelve fake roses.


Step two: Find five triangular Doritos.


Step three:Find a couple of curled up Doritos.


Step four: Pull the petals off the fake roses, and place your curled Doritos chips in the centre of your ‘rose’.


Step five: Grab some melted cheese and stick your triangular chips around the curled centre, pointy side down


Step Six: Repeat twelve times – viola!


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