These Mysterious Creatures Appeared Overnight And They’re Both Creepy And Awesome

A mysterious creature ambles down the sidewalk in the middle of the night, startling the customers of a late-night laundromat. It walks on four thin legs, and branches seem to protrude from its back. It walks slowly and carefully; it”s not afraid. A woman in the laundromat thinks it might be a deer. Up close, with its mottled green body, it”s probably not a deer. A look at its face–blank, white, expressionless, and human–makes you certain that it”s definitely not a deer.

You may never do laundry at night again if this walked by.

If you saw these walking down the street, would you be charmed and curious, or would you make a run for it? People had varying reactions when YouTube user GeneralTampon (real name Melissa Irwin)”s four-legged, stilt-walking Halloween costumes appeared in public. Decorated with shredded fabric, padding, and antler-like formations, the spindly-legged creatures roamed the streets, startling people and growling at children. They even attracted the concerns of a small dog. Take a look at the video below and see some of the reactions these clever costumes received.

The costumes were based on the design of the Landstriders seen in the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal. They were created using medical crutches (on the arms) and stilts (on the legs). The masks and decorations were then added, and the people inside adopted slow, deliberate motions to create the sense of a mysterious creature.

The creatures strolled down the streets, drawing the attention of many a passerby.

Activities include menacing children and small animals.

A behind-the-scenes look at what”s actually happening here. The costumes are made from foam affixed to medical crutches on the arms and stilts on the feet. The human inside is disguised by the foam.

If you”re up for the challenge, the instructions for this costume are available on Irwin”s Etsy shop. They can be customized to fit people of varying sizes and decorated in an infinite variety of ways! Her shop also features a variety of handmade figurines that are worth checking out.

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