10 of the Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

Look at a map of Sydney and you’ll see it’s all harbours, bays and coastline. No wonder beach culture rules down here. There are about 100 sandy stretches and cozy coves around this spectacular city, it’s hard to narrow it down to a definitive top ten. Each beachgoer has their own opinion on what makes an ideal setting on a sunny day. Some like to surf, snorkel or swim. Others like to eat, drink and ogle. Still others are looking for seclusion or scenery. Families with kids have a whole different set of criteria. Spanning the northern, southern, eastern and harbour areas, here are the top ten beaches that appeal to Sydneysiders and visitors alike.

1. Freshwater Beach

This small northern beach is where Hawaiian “Duke” Kahanamoku first introduced surfing to Australia back in 1915. It has consistent waves ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. It’s also a good choice for families, but stay within the flags. There’s an 8 lane rock pool at the northern end good for swimming laps.

Freshwater Beach, Sydney, statue of

Freshwater Beach statue of “Duke” who brought surfing to Oz (fritz16 / Shutterstock.com)

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