12 Most Gay Friendly Countries to Visit

Every country has some outdated laws that seem strange, quaint or comical today, and the United Kingdom is no exception. There are some ancient statutes, archaic decrees and bizarre bans still technically on the books, plus a few modern oddities and urban myths that might make you scratch your head. Since the Magna Carta set forth the principles of common law, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have developed admirable legal systems and upheld an enviable tradition of jurisprudence. But quite a few of their rules are completely bonkers. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

1. It’s Illegal To Be Drunk in a Pub

Evidently there are lots of people breaking this law every night. Relax. It’s not so much the patrons that are committing the crime but the pub landlord for permitting customers to overindulge. This law stems back to the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 which declared it illegal for the “keeper of a public house to permit drunkenness on premises.” Furthermore, under the Licensing Act of 2003, section 140, it is an offense to allow disorderly conduct in a public house and under section 141 it is an offense to sell alcohol to an intoxicated person. So if the barkeep continues to serve you, the law’s on your side.

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