25 Trendy Ways to Wear Plum for Fall

plum color trend

Fall is full of rich muted jewel tones like deep plums and eggplant shades. It’s one of the most common colors to wear this time of the year and a favorite of mine because it can really add drama and style to any look. It’s also a shade that can be very hit or miss depending on how you wear it so, below are some basic tips when wearing this warm shade.

Makeup Tips

  • Go for a metallic plum shade to dust over the eyes
  • Since red lips is so on trend this fall, apply the lips with a plum wine shade
  • A plum nail hue is the perfect and always popular choice for winter weather.

Fashion Tips

  • Add a bit of color to your look with plum accessories
  • Try not to mix two shades of purple unless one is a dark and the other is a light shade like eggplant and lavender.
  • Black, gray, and brown are good colors to pair with deep plums and eggplant.

Now there are plenty of ways to work this classic hue into your wardrobe. Click on below to see the variety of ways to wear this gorgeous shade!

Trend Inspiration

Shop our 25 picks!


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