Amazing DIY Shadow Chandelier Inspired by Nature

Imagine lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling and feeling as if you are outside. That is exactly what you can do with this amazing DIY chandelier that makes it look as if there are trees surrounding you while you sleep.

Brilliant DIY Shadow Chandelier Inspired by Nature

You could buy a chandelier like this, but it would set you back more than $4,000. Why in the world would you pay that much for something that you can easily make yourself? And, you only need white paint, a few branches and some LED lights to pull it all together.

Keep in mind that the larger the light source, the less defined your branches are going to look. The best way, if you want to really look like you have shadows of the forest on your ceiling, is to use many smaller light sources and small LED lights are perfect for this.

If you begin with your light source so that you can gauge the shadows, you can then move your twigs in and out to see where they are best set. This is a crucial step if you want sharp shadows so create the light source first and then add the branches. Use sample twigs to get an idea of where they should go and then you will know where to place them when you actually put the chandelier together and begin painting.

The basis of the chandelier is to attach branches (that you have painted white or whatever other color you prefer) to a sphere note that using a ring will not give you the same effect and then adding your light source to light them up and cause the shadows on the ceiling.

This is such a beautiful, unique and rustic way to light any room and its particularly great because you can DIY it and thats our favorite way to go.

Video (Instructions Man vs Pin) Below But remember the light source is everything, LED lights will work wonders and play with branch/light distance to achieve perfection. Share your results just contact us and Ill add your project photos to this post!

Check out the concept creators video featuring his stunning work:


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