Female War Veteran, Aged 92, Returns To Skies In Beloved Spitfire 70 Years After Her Last Flight

Meet Joy Lofthouse, a 92-year-old British World War II veteran pilot who has taken to the skies once again.

More than 70 years after the war, Joy was given the chance to board a Spitfire her preferred airplane for one more trip, to mark VE Day.

Im excited but aware of my age. So Im hoping that things go ok. Im not as confident as I used to be… when I was young, Joy said before her flight.


But her nervousness quickly changed to pure joy once she was airborne.


Joy was one of a handful of female pilots to break through male-dominated barriers and fly for the British during WWII. She was part of an all-female division nicknamed the Attagirls.

Joy-Lofthouse-pilot-286103BBC via Express

Her job as a service pilot was to shuttle planes from the front lines back to factories for repairs. During her time in the service, she flew 18 different aircraft, but the Spitfire always held a special place in her heart.

After the flight, Joy described the experience as lovely, it was perfect, making her feel quite young. Watch her in action below:

We hope were as awesome as her at 92.

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