Kim Kardashian Fan Pays Big Bucks For Butt Implants

Kim Kardashian Fan Pays Big Bucks For Butt Implants

December 20th, 2014 | by Bob Flanagan
Kim Kardashian Fan Pays Big Bucks For Butt Implants


It seems there is no length to which Kim Kardashian fans wont go to look like their idol as a Las Vegas DJ, who goes under the name of Von Sleazy, has paid a whopping 200,000$ for massive butt implants to resemble the celebrity.

The procedure that usually costs a cheaper 5,000$ to 7,000$ and uses body fat taken from other areas of the body was not possible in this case as the young man was in fit shape and had no fat to garnish his backside.

The procedure involved a new experimental helium based technology which allegedly gives a nicer, rounder shape and its overall lightness makes it much more comfortable to the patients who are able to continue a healthy and pro-active lifestyle without the fear of losing their body fat and thus, their nice curves.


Las Vegas DJ Von Sleazy claims hes never felt so good about his body since the transformation

I dont know where Id be today without my little Kim acknowledges the 26-year old man. Even though Ive never met her in person, I feel like we are kindred spirits. Shes the only one I can really say that has always been there for me, in the good times like the bad times he admits.

The young DJ also hopes his transformation will boost his career as a DJ and top model to new heights.

Kim Kardashian is a model for a lot of us and I feel like I am stepping in her footsteps on the path to success and celebrity he assures us.

Another Kim Kardashian fan in Britain was reported this week to have spent 150,000$ on plastic surgery to look like the idol, a trend that is on the rise report fashion experts.

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