Nothing To See Here. Just A Woman Walking A Polar Bear Through Tokyo.

Outlandish stunts or promotions isn”t anything new in Japan…but I haven”t seen anything like this before. The other day a woman was walking her “pet” around the streets of Tokyo, to the sheer amazement of everyone around her. Most were wondering how this was even possible:

The woman didn”t say a word, but was seen wearing a shirt with the word LALSH printed on it. “LALSH” turns out to belong to an as-yet unspecified group from Russia, according to Facebook. We”re guessing this was an amazing publicity stunt, and suspect that it may not be a real bear after all. (Although, c”mon, that thing looks good.)

See the entire video here:

(via Rocketnews 24)

Well…I certainly haven”t seen anything like that before.

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