Strange Habits of The Insanely Rich and Powerful

Eccentricity, genius and wealth go hand and hand. Well, let’s just say that wealthy people are eccentric and poor people are deranged. Society seems to have more tolerance for people with fatter wallets and bigger investment portfolios. Sometimes though even the tolerant-of-wealth society will turn its nose up and say: “Yeeea. That’s a bit much dude.”

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The man that dedicated his life to smart sperm

More mad scientist than innocuous eccentric, Robert Klark Graham, invented shatter-proof eyeglass lenses and amassed a pretty little fortune. Instead of spending his days on a sun drenched beach with a mojito in hand, he set out to quench his thirst for high quality DNA. He started the first sperm bank in history to only accept genetic material from Nobel laureates. For someone that smart he overlooked a small caveat. High quality sperm doesn’t just have to do with desirable attributes that can be passed on to their off-spring, the donator’s age is important too. As most Nobel laureates are nominated late in their career, their sperm isn’t exactly AAA material (get it? Material? As in Genetic Material…;.I’m really tired of wasting my best material on you guys). He only managed to secure one donation from 70 year old William Shockley, a Physics Nobel Prize winner, but his super-juice still sired 217 children and the ones that came forth actually have higher than average intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg went Ted Nugent for a while

Mark Zuckerberg is the billionaire responsible for 100% of the worlds Facebook addiction. Ted Nugent on the other hand was a popular rock musician in the 70s and 80s that became synonymous with anti-government gun totting and hunting conservatives. OK, so maybe Zuckerburg didn’t think that the government wanted to take his guns away, but for a while he claimed to only eat meat he killed. He actually once, Facebooking the fact that he had heroically slain a pig and a goat. Soon enough, he returned to buying meat like us other ‘soulless’ omnivores. Side note: although he is a billionaire he chooses to abide by the Steve Jobs School of Fashion and have multiple versions of the same shirt, so he doesn’t waste valuable time with frivolous decisions.

Ingvar Kamprad – As Frugal as his furniture

Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, is cartoon Scrooge frugal (The one where he yells at Mickey Mouse for using a candle to warm himself). He frequently recycles disposable utensils, pilfers salt and pepper packets from restaurants, drives a 20 year old Volvo and his entire home is furnished with IKEA furniture that he assembled himself. He’s actually been seen buying wrapping paper the day after Christmas in clearance sales. If eccentricity isn’t enough, how about the fact that he’s associated with the 40’s pro-fascist movement (see pro-Nazi). Also, his company is set up in such a convoluted way, somewhere between charity and company, that no one is sure how much money he takes home. Not even the government that taxes him, and last time I checked that’s kind-a illegal.

The Pope drives a tiny Renault

What? You thought that the religious leader of the Catholic world drove a long armored luxury car cum tank? Well, you’d be wrong because Pope Francis drives a tiny little 1985 Renault 4, which is pretty cool and I think more world leaders should follow his example. My only question is, how does he fit his hat in it? It’s freaking tiny.

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Do you know about any other outlandish behaviours of the rich, let me know in the comment section below!

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