These 25 Sculptures Are More Amazing If You Realize What They’re Made From

Did you ever play with LEGOs as a kid? Did you follow the building instructions to a T, or were you more of a free-form artist? For children, LEGOs can be a creative medium with as much potential as clay or paint…but the building blocks aren’t just for kids.

Whether you once spent hours playing with the tiny colored toys or not, you can still appreciate these 25 detailed works of LEGO art below. From replicas of historic monuments to unique, original works, the craftsmanship in these sculptures is mind-blowing.

1. Indiana Jones

2. A hummingbird

3. A giant wave

See how it was made here.

4. Sushi

5. Superman



6. Starry Night

7. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty attacks the prince

8. Mount Rushmore

9. A man sees his reflection

10. Pharaoh

11. Star Wars organ

This Star Wars organ plays the theme song when it’s cranked.

12. Harpsichord

It really works!

13. LEGO Jesus

14. Iron Man

15. Butterfly

16. Shape people

17. Dinosaur skeleton

18. Coral reef

19. The Colosseum

20. A working cello

21. Volvo SUV

22. Giant Blackberry

23. Birthday cake

24. Battleship

25. Batman

I can’t even begin to fathom how much time it’d take to make one of these insane sculptures. This really blows my creations as a kid out of the water. These works have inspired me to find my old box of LEGO parts in the basement.

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