WATCH: Muslims Destroy Stereotypes: Im A Muslim, But…. (VIDEO)

Recently, an innocent Muslim family had their home shot at. Why? Because the assailant believes that being Muslim automatically makes you a terrorist. The thought of that much ignorance has me fearing bigoted Americans not scared, Muslim refugees.

Islam is a religion, not a terrorist group.

Conservatives are using their bigotry to spread fear among the American people. Manufacturing propaganda that paints all Muslims as evil terrorists who are inherently violent. There is a huge problem with that because its false.

I bet the people who fear Muslims the most, have never even met someone of that religion. Yet, assume all Muslims run around with suicide vests strapped to themselves spouting hate. We dont assume all Christians carry enough lighter fluid with them to torch a few Planned Parenthood when they have a spare minute. We dont assume that Christian farmers with access to fertilizer are going to blow up a federal building like Timothy McVey. So why do they assume only the worst when it comes to Muslims?

Judging people by their appearance is as fool-proof as picking a melon by the way it looks. You can assume its going to be delicious by its outer appearance, but youre never sure until you get to the inside.

Recently a video by BUZZFEED perfectly illustrated that being Muslim doesnt mean you fit a stereotype, and it definitely doesnt make you a terrorist:

Featured image via screenshot


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