You Can Now Stay In A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Airbnb Apartment in NYC

By now, you should have all heard of the term ‘Netflix and Chill’. If not, it is code for a casual hook up whilst ‘watching’ Netflix and now there is an Airbnb apartment in the Big Apple dedicated to accommodating this wave of spontaneous rendezvous.


This plush pulling pad comes at a price though – with guests expected to fork out a whopping £288-per night! To help justify this hefty price tag, the room comes equipped with Netflix bedsheets, a minibar filled with booze, a HD projector, surround sound and stunning views of the New York skyline. Oh, and of course the place comes with a Netflix account to fullfill the whole experience.

New York

However, we noticed there was one very crucial complimentary item that has been left off the list – condoms! The guys behind the world’s first ‘Netflix and Chill’ room have said this wasn’t an accident and they won’t be providing rubbers for their guests, despite the fact the concept behind their accommodation is supporting casual sex. So, let’s hope their visitors all come prepared.


Creator Tom Galle justified this by saying: “This is a place where they can experience something different than just going to a hotel. It’s bringing a part of the internet to a real life experience. You don’t have to sleep with a girl there or a guy there, we’re just bringing the joke to real life.”


According to their listing on Airbnb the apartment is only available on Saturday’s, so we can imagine these limited slots will be taken up in no time by eager singletons wanting to try out this ultimate hook up experience.


Who knows, if things go well maybe we could be seeing a lot more of these saucy apartments popping up all over the place. One, thing is for sure, New York isn’t a bad place for this empire to start.

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