10 Haunting Ghost Towns in America

Every country has its cultural quirks and legal oddities, and Switzerland is no different. With everything from animal lawyers to a centuries-old statue that no one’s quite sure about, the Swiss have far more than delicious chocolate up their sleeves. Some of these rules are as cuckoo as a Swiss clock. So what could possibly be peculiar about this affluent nation known for nature, neutrality and luxury? Let’s find out!

1. Be Quiet!

You know those neighbors whose lawnmowers are in full gear before the cock crows on a Sunday? That isn’t an issue in Switzerland as due to the loud noise, it’s considered an offense to mow lawns on Sunday. In keeping with the noise complaint vein, don’t even think about slamming a car door after 10 pm or you might just end up with more than scathing looks. Sundays are also not the right day to wash your car or hang clothes out to dry, both practices considered highly offensive and inconsiderate by Swiss standards.

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