15 Of The Most Fairytale Winter Wedding Pictures Ever

Our wedding day is one of the most special and important times in our lives.

So we want to get it right.

Wishing for a winter wonderland wedding is sometimes too much to ask for.

You can’t guarantee that your winter wedding will bring with it lots of magical snow.

Instead you might just be left with horrible downpours and winds.

Yet when a winter wedding is done properly, it is truly sensational.

We think it definitely comes top over any summer beach wedding!

These 15 pictures below capture exactly what it’s like to get that dream snowy wedding.

From snow fall to log cabins, these couples have mastered the art of a dream day.

They’ll make you want to start planning your winter wedding immediately.

1. Snow Blizzard


These newlyweds were over the moon to be hit by an unexpected snow storm on their wedding day and managed to capture gorgeous wintry shots.

Posted Via: http://busymumsmagazine.co.vu/15-of-the-most-fairytale-winter-wedding-pictures-ever/


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