19 Incredible Pictures Of The World’s Most Camouflage Man

Meet the world’s most invisible man who seems to blend into anything possible!

Chinese artist Liu Bolin amazingly camouflages himself into his own artwork.

His work is famously known worldwide and has been exhibited at loads of art museums.

He has been receiving critical acclamation since 2008.

The 42 year-old is really passionate about his contribution to Chinese society.

He is part of the generation that were involved with China’s cultural revolution so is very impassioned about it.

He likes to merge into different environments and become part of them.

The camouflage expert has merged into mountains, fruit stalls and comic magazines!

Some shots can take up to 10 hours of make-up to make sure he is well and truly covered.

He smears different clothes with paints that will help him fit into the scene around him.

He has even said that members of the public have walked past him when he’s been shooting the pictures completely unaware he is there.

Have a look at 19 extraordinary photos of the invisible man doing what he does best.

See if you can spot him…; Number 18 is incredible!

1. Magazine Stand


Bolin even painted miniature words onto his face and clothes.

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