Dad Uses Helicopter To Pull His Kid’s Tooth Out

With Father’s Day over and done with, there is one Dad who is set to prove to his kid how much that $1 card meant to him.

Rick Rahim is determined to fix his little boy’s tooth problem, using his helicopter…;

As people on Facebook praise their dads for being heroes, this dad has just made the tooth fairy happier and seven year old Carson richer.

Here is the video, and don’t worry, you don’t see a close up until after the tooth is pulled out.

We’ve all seen the door handle with the string trick, and even the Lamborghini with string on Jackass 3, but this?

Carson is surprisingly relaxed knowing that his tooth is about to be pulled out by a helicopter.

Rahim assured us all that he has 13 years experience of flying, but despite the success of the tooth being pulled out, there is that slight worry of the worst happening.

This video has been a huge hit with the internet, being viewed over 190k times already.

Is Rick Rahim irresponsible for this dangerous stunt or a badass for being precise with the outcome?

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