Destination Tips Presents: Comment Friday 14

Sometimes when travel is on the decks there comes the question of whether it makes more sense to drive or fly. Driving of course can take longer, but not necessarily if there are flight delays and whatnot. The cost of both can vary depending on a lot of factors as well.

Now the online search engine TravelMath has introduced a feature that will calculate that information for you, so you can settle the question (or debate) about which option is better.

The site not only includes exact time differences that include considerations like flight check in times, but it also considers the time that you might have to take off from work to make a drive, even if it seems cheaper to do so.

The site will even determine which option leaves a smaller carbon footprint…;but it can’t factor traffic into the equation which could of course throw off the results a bit.

Even so there is still a lot of information to gather from the side by side comparisons that might not be considered otherwise. This is often a good consideration around the holidays when flights tend to fill up and become more expensive than they do during the rest of the year.

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