Every Day, These Students Are Blown Away By What’s Waiting In Their Classroom

It”s important for students to feel inspired, no matter what subject they”re studying. The best way to encourage this is to surround them with fascinating things to pique their interests. At least that”s what a middle school art teacher and Reddit user found. His method of inspiring his students also serves as a great way to pass his free time in the classroom.

This teacher creates these masterpieces on his chalkboard during whatever downtime he has in the classroom. By using everyday materials and creating these pictures on the fly, the images can also help spur the creativity of his students. Students can examine them to learn more about the technical aspects of drawing, like shading and perspective. Plus, they look awesome, and their cheeky captions add a dose of humor.

(via Reddit)

The teacher used the above picture for a lesson on shading. It”s a self-portrait, and references everyone”s favorite feline Internet sensation.

As for the temporary nature of chalk, the Wyoming-based teacher says he doesn”t mind when the images inevitably get erased. In fact, he says the process is kind of nice. After all, there”s only so much chalkboard space, and erasing old images means his students get to see something new every day.

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