Iceland’s Hotels Face Strain With the Tourism Boom

It’s the dream isn’t it? To take a smallish chunk of change, relocate to some economical paradise and wile your days away living modestly but happily in some remote location. Believe it or not, that’s still a goal that’s somewhat achievable on a smallish nest egg. If you can somehow find a way to squirrel away $200,000 to $300,000 bucks in a retirement plan along with Social Security, there are several places where you can get yourself set up and living a life of moderate luxury for several decades. If you can pick up a part-time job, you can even stretch your semi-retired life into perpetuity. Where should you go to embark on this wondrous journey? We’ve got some suggestions on which places you can retire on a shoestring.

1. Spend your Retirement Years in the Rolling Hills of Panama

The mountainous country in Central America is a lush, tropical oasis. Pockets of the country are also home to a rare combination of an incredibly low crime rate and an extremely low cost of living. Housing rentals start at around $400 a month, for example, and a downpayment on homes outside Panama City can start at about 90K. It’s difficult to imagine a friendlier climate (and sturdier political scene) than Panama when you’re trying to pick out the perfect retirement getaway.

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