Policeman Proposes To His Boyfriend At London Pride

This heartwarming marriage proposal has proven that the UK can actually be a great place without Brexit getting in the way.

The valuation of the pound wasn’t the only thing that dropped, as this police officer went down on one knee.

PC Phil Adlem halted the parade and walked over to his other half, Jonathan Sammons, who was cheering from the crowd.

The officer broke his rank as he went over to his boyfriend, took his helmet off and popped the question.

The connection between the two is inspirational.

Somebody in the crowd fires confetti as soon as they hear the word “yes”.

The crowd went wild as they both shared a kiss to seal their special moment at the 43rd annual pride parade.

They were presented with two glasses of prosecco to celebrate.

prosecco proposal

Same sex marriage has been legal in the UK since 2014 and what a way to show it.

London’s Metropolitan police force have released an LGBT network to promote awareness and represent the community among the staff.

This has definitely given the LGBT community much deserved confidence and support.

London Pride brought everyone together, there was even another proposal between two police officers shortly after PC Adlem’s.

The love seemed to spread across the world too. At New York pride, two women who work as paramedics for the local fire department, also got engaged at the city’s event.

Let us hope that next year’s London Pride brings even more open proposals.

Posted Via: http://busymumsmagazine.co.vu/policeman-proposes-to-his-boyfriend-at-london-pride/


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