Simple Trick For How To Keep Lemons Fresh For a Whole Month

We all like the smell of the lemons while standing in a bowl in the living room, kitchen or the dining room because they are simply gorgeous and exotic! But, that is not the right way to keep your lemons, if you want to enjoy in them for a longer period of time. Below you will find few tricks how to keep your lemon fresh for a whole month.Simple Trick For How To Keep Lemons Fresh For a Whole Month418x600

Some people prefer keeping onions, tomatoes and even potatoes in their fridge, even though any of these foods, should not be refrigerated. We have already discussed that issue. On the other hand, almost no one keeps the lemons in the fridge, which is totally wrong.

It is really hard to juice the lemons because they harden from staying at room temperature for seven days. Even more, that way the lemons lose many of their healing properties. But, we have the solution for this problem and it is very simple.

In order to keep your lemons fresh (juiciness, their taste, tenderness) for longer period of time, or up to a month, it is best to keep them in a zip bags or sealed plastic bag in the fridge. If you just put them in the fridge the lemons will not change any of their properties. Closed plastic bag is the key. So, unless you are planning of using your lemons within 5 days, store them in a plastic bag and put them in the fridge.



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