WATCH: This Video Destroys Abortion Myths In Less Than One Minute (VIDEO)

Do you think you know a lot about abortion? For example, how common abortions are, or who gets them? Depending on where you get your information, a new video may destroy everything you think you know about abortion.

The group UltraViolet Action, whose members describe themselves as a powerful and rapidly growing community of people from all walks of life mobilized to fight sexism and expand womens rights, from politics and government to media and pop culture, has released a one-minute video designed to educate the public on the realities of abortion in the United States. The video dispels myths about who gets abortions, how much they cost, and how difficult they are to obtain.

This video ties in with the infographic below that UltraViolet Action recently released in support of Planned Parenthood.


via UltraViolet Action

Maybe the most surprising fact in the video is that an abortion can cost as much as an entire months pay for a low income worker. So no, theyre not cheap, and they are not easy to get. In some areas, where abortion services are hard to come by, the loss of Planned Parenthood clinics will make abortions even more costly and difficult to obtain, which is exactly what the control womens bodies caucus of the Republican party wants to achieve.

Take a minute (literally, this video is just one minute long) and find out some things about abortion that you may not know.

Heres the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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  • Ricardo Rebelo

    Their body… Right! Funny, doesnt seem like her body…

    • Rebecca Sousa

      Filthy LIAR!

    • Mala_Justed

      Certainly isnt yours. MYFB.

  • Totally Amazed

    Ok, so banning abortions has proven to actually increase the amount of abortions and in those areas that support planned parenthood actually see a huge decrease in them as well as teen pregnancies, incest babies and even lower birth defects, but banning them is the christian thing? Seems that logic was given away as a tithing

  • FD Brian

    IF abortion is outlawed, the only people who will be able to have a safe one are the rich, who have the money and the connections to make sure their little princes life isnt ruined.

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