What Have You Learned From Your Mom?

Mothers Day is two weeks away, so Id love to ask: What has your mom taught you?

Here are ten things Ive learned from my mom:
* Always be on time when picking someone up at the airport; it means a lot to people.
* Theres something life affirming about a gin & tonic before dinner.
* If someone has cooked a meal, wait until they start eating before you take your first bite.
* Clear nail polish looks surprisingly beautiful.
* If people are rude to you, its usually because theyre having a bad day, so be empathetic and dont take things personally.
* Sprinkle sea salt on top of cookies before baking them in the oven.
* Nothing is better than reading a really good book, except maybe having your hair played with when youre falling asleep.
* Talk to kids like theyre adults. Theyre smart and will love it.
* Everyone is secretly a big nerd.
* Youre never alone.

A supporter of Cup of Jo and of all things love, the fragrance Coach Love, a warm woody floral, has re-launched their beautiful Facebook app to celebrate moms this Mothers Day. You can share what you love about your mom, along with a photo. Its a sweet way to recognize moms together. Post yours on Facebook, if youd like.

So, Im curious: What has your mom taught you? How to choose a lipstick? How to roast a chicken? How to ask for a raise? How to be a kind person? Id love to hear their words of wisdom…
(This post is sponsored by Coach Love. All words and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Cup of Jo possible)

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