15 Celebrities Who Are Way Smarter Than You Think

Sometimes people have a misconception of actors and celebrities in the spotlight in general – they think that they have only ever wanted to pursue the path of fame. Well, those people are wrong.

Some of these celebrities even have achievements to rival those at prestigious schools around the globe – they are THAT smart!

Of course, they ultimately chose the Hollywood starlet path, but that doesn’t mean that their former academic achievements won’t come in handy for future prospects.

You never know, one of these celebrities could even end up being your doctor one day.

Take a look at these celebrities who are way smarter than you think and find out who for yourselves…;

1. James Franco


Funny man James Franco has a Masters in fine arts from Colombia, a Masters in filmmaking from NYU, holds an undergraduate degree from UCLA and is enrolled at Yale. That is what you call determination!

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