19 Of The Worlds Richest Models And What Theyre Really Earning

Being born with a beautiful face has made these lucky women very rich.

Even starring in just one modelling campaign for a huge fashion brand can earn these models thousands of dollars.

We are used to seeing their radiant faces plastered over billboards, covering high-fashion magazine covers or owning runway catwalks.

But we arent often made aware of just how much each beauty queen is earning.

For the likes of newer models like Kendall Jenner, vast amounts of money have been made very quickly.

Kendalls model stardom has rocketed in just the space of year making her appear on this model rich list.

Thanks to Business Insider, we can now see what 19 of the highest-paid models are actually earning.

You wont believe how much the richest model on the planet earns; shes way above the rest!

1. Jourdan Dunn: $3.5 million

model1 You wouldnt believe where the stunning Dunn was discovered… Primark! Since being signed she has done work for Prada, Maybelline and Burberry. Wow!


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