PROOF People Cant Tell The Difference Between Verses From The Bible And The Quran (VIDEO)

Conservatives like to argue that while Christianity is a religion of love and equality (tell that to the war-mongering, hate the gays, hate minorities, turn away refugees, gun toting Christians) Islam is a religion of hate. After all, it says kill the infidels right in the Quran, right?

Well, It Is Normal, recently conducted an experiment. They read Bible passages to people, only they told them they were from the Quran.

You will eat the flesh of your own sons…and the flesh of your own daughters.

I do not allow for a woman to teach…you will have to cut off her hand.

If two men sleep with each other, they will both have to be killed.

Even in the not particularly religious Netherlands, people were shocked to find that the violence was inside the Judeo-Christian Bible, not in the Quran.

The Bible is a lot less harsh and a bit more peaceful, said one young man.

It bothers me that some people see these old writings as the absolute truth, said a woman.

Watch it here:

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    • nowhereman

      The buybull is a training manual for right wing christian jihadists. They just call it different things like crusade, inquisition…

    • Airb0rne4325

      What you do not seem to understand is the action that is taking place because of the words. Christians are not killing homosexuals or cutting off hands, even though the text says that is what should be done. It is the act of the words that people have problems with, not the words themselves. Think back 20 years ago. Did we have a problem with the Quran then? It still held the same information. No, it was people putting those words into action.

    • dcfd

      read Bernard Lewis, What Went Wrong or Stephen Huntington, Clash of Civilizations Better yet, read, Ayassa Hirsi Ali, Heretic It is true, European Christians killed so many throughout Western Civilization but when you have Mullahs that say all others are not real Muslims unless they follow Sharia, read the Hadith, or worship Muhammad, a vicious warlord, then we are back at a time of crusade and inquisition. The only way to stop it is to fight against it. Period.

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