How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to purify water

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to purify water

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) may be used in water treatment process for creating purified water in emergency disaster situations.Hydrogen Peroxide sold over the counter for medicinal purposes is generally a 3 10% diluted solution.

One of the main advantages is that this hydrogen peroxide is completely soluble. Furthermore, it does not form any other products. No gases are formed either. It also does not add any chemicals. Hence, the water remains unpolluted. On combining with water, extra oxygen is produced. This is because hydrogen peroxide disintegrates into oxygen and hydrogen. Increasing the level of oxygen in the water means increasing the purity of water.

Eliminating the factor of water borne diseases and illnesses by removing harmful contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, and reintroducing oxygen to create safe drinking water.

Hydrogen Peroxide has been introduced as a first aid and household cleaning staple for many years. Its uses are many and the effects of using vary from health and wellness applications to urban myths.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to purify water has been shown to create a higher level of oxygen in water which in turn is healthier for the body. Hydrogen Peroxide has been known to be a cleansing agent for eleminating toxins in the bodys system. Added in small amounts to water, Hydrogen Peroxides benefits can be a healthy alternative to bleaching water for safe clean water.


Use a measuring cup to measure out 1/8 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

Pour 1 gallon of untreated water into a pot.

Mix 1/8 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide into 1 gallon of water in the pot and stir well.

Allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes before drinking this gives the hydrogen peroxide time to oxidize the water.


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